Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen op camera gevolgd door Gwen Jansen.

Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen op camera gevolgd door Gwen Jansen. Lees meer

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Documentaire 'DE AUTOVAKMANNEN' naar verwachting begin 2017 gereed Lees meer






larger than a film?

A documentary as a possible start for a larger positive movement where positive minded people are gathered together to 'positivate'  the world. Just by celebrating positive power in different ways.


For Dutch filmmaker Gwen Jansen, marathon runners are beautiful examples of people who embody the power of positivity. 

A pessimist can not really run 42,195 km in a row.

Gwen Jansen therefore wants to capture first in a documentary the positive power of as many marathon runners as possible on camera and make a documentary out of it. 



To 'positivate' (activate people by showing them the strength of positivity) all those other people in the world who can use a positive energy boost. 


Jansen: "I often see people with a lot of talent, but who don't have any drive of any kind. They seem specialized in thinking about threats instead of chances, and so they can not really go 200% for something. That's too bad. Especially for themselves, but surely for their environment. With the movie I want to give them an extra positive boost. It's so much more fun and effective to go through life with a positive mindset. Even when times are hard. "


Once finished, the movie will be freely available to anyone in the world.